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Null Space Labs

Los Angeles' Premier Hackerspace

About Null Space Labs

Null Space Labs is for anyone doing interesting things with technology and security. Since May 2010, we've offered wifi, coworking space, an electronics and hardware lab (with soldering stations and rework equipment), a wet lab, wood and metal working tools, public computers, an arcade, and, most of all, a creative environment that's open to visitors.

NSL members work on various projects every week, including DIY electronics, hardware hacking, software programming, hacking (exploit development, penetration testing), information security, lock picking, game development, entrepreneurship, graphics programming, AI, photography, privacy, civil rights, and more!

The group that operates Null Space Labs sees itself as an infrastructure provider and exerts little influence over projects and events carried out at the lab. Members come from a variety of backgrounds and offer a wealth of experience, knowledge, and assistance for whatever you might be working on. We are trying to be financially independent and operate solely through membership fees, classes, and donations.

Where is Null Space Labs?

Null Space Labs is near the Burbank Airport and open for hacking - check our Meetup for class and event schedules. Location and parking info on the wiki.

When can I visit Null Space Labs?

NSL has an "Open Door" policy. If we're open, you're welcome to stop by! We're always open on Tuesday night from 19:00 - 23:00 (we often close much later). If you're new we recommend stopping by on a Tuesday; most members and keyholders stop by on Tuesdays. We hold classes some times see our meetup for when. We're open on other weekdays, too, but make sure to check this website (top left corner), ask on Discord or call to verify we'll be around when you arrive.

On this website you will see a sign that says that we are Open or Closed. This is reading from a sensor connected to the front door of NSL. If it says open - some one is at the space and you are welcome to stop in! With that in mind, it's a good idea to hop into the discord (which is also notified when the switch is flipped) and do a sanity check. You never know how many people are at the space or how soon they will be leaving if you don't ask! You can also give us a call when you are nearby at 2135457100

Classes and Events

Lockpicking - NSL has been the proud host of Los Angeles lockpicking meetup for over 10 years. Join us the 3rd Friday of every month at 7pm. We are home to some of the best and brightest lockpickers on the West coast. Each month we have a different topic with a presentation or hands-on workshop where attendees learn about and work with a wide variety of locks and keys. Examples of topics we cover are: lockpicking, key bumping, impressioning, decoding, safe cracking, master keying, making your own tools, making your own locks, high security lock research, rare and exotic lock showcases, tamper-evident seals

Classes - NSL volunteers share their knowledge with the community via free or low cost classes. Topics include electronics, programming, infosec, homebrewing and more. All costs and donations are used to maintain Nullspace for the community. If you'd like to teach a class contact a keyholder!

Keep an eye on the Meetup for classes and other scheduled events.


Thank you to Partsbox, a complete electronics manufacturing system that NSL uses to manage inventory, ordering and production.

Membership Info

Standard membership is $40 USD per month. Use Paypal or Bitcoin below to become a member NOW! Membership is not required to visit Null Space Labs, but it has many benefits:

Keyholder Membership

We require that you be a regular NSL Member for at least 6 months before being eligible for NSL Keyholder Status. Talk to current keyholders at the Tuesday Meeting to find out more about Keyholder availability and eligibility.

Payment Options


  • Annual Membership
  • 12 month subsciption
  • $40

    per month

  • One month membership
  • single month
  • $40

    per month

  • Paypal payment
  • Arbitrary amount
  • $Any

    For donations, class dues, etc



Join Us

2522 N Ontario St, Burbank, CA 91504
Phone: +1 2135457100
Email: nofoxresearch at gmail dot com
Overhead map of NSL

To the rear of Big Red Machine Shop