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At NSL we have an “Open Door (within reason)” policy.  Generally speaking, we always welcome visitors.  However, you can’t always be certain when we will be there.  That is why we suggest that new visitors attend one of our Tuesday night meetings, as it is a guarantee that you can meet other members and get a feel for things.

On this website you will see a sign that says that we are Open or Closed.  This is reading from a twitter feed that is updated via a button near the front door of NSL.  This is your best bet for quickly knowing if we are open.  Having said that, it is always a good idea to hop into the IRC channel (Efnet #NSL) and do a sanity check.  You never know how many people are at the space or how soon they will be leaving if you don’t ask!


Note: If you haven’t stopped by in a while, WE HAVE MOVED! Time to update your address book, folks:

4610 Valley Blvd STE F
Los Angeles, CA 90032

More detailed instructions for the easily confused can be found on our about page.

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